Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I run, I run

I run, I run, I cannot run, the stars above me, I see, are too fun.
The lanes for cars, I cannot see, I’d rather walk or sleep to flee.
The lines for walls, I cannot draw, I’d rather see them fall.

Talk for me, I cannot talk, scared to hear you put me down.
Will not say, will not act,
Scared you think like me not, I’d grudge and judge and not be sweet as fudge.

Hot is winter, cold is summer,
Borders are for hoarders, suits are used by nukes,
Separate me by color, separate me for my colors,
Sunday will retire, and July won’t always be.

But your tears may save our drought!
So cry for those who suffer, kids who briefly be,
Cry for those who want, who have not known
the smell of sounds of silence never shown.

Words were mean to me, when I knew what meanings couldn't be.
Waste your time a lot, waste your time no more,
Life is not a lifetime, life is just a tease.

I wonder where they go, those who briefly be.